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Winter News

Yes, I know my blogging is erratic, but bare with me- it’s all about the journey, right?

The best Food Find for the week was veal at Fruit and Veg City, tucked into the shelves, lovely cuts of pale pink veal at R29.99 per kl (when last was anything R29.99 per kilo!). So what is the deal with veal?

Veal is the meat of a calf up to one years old that has only been fed exclusively on it’s mothers milk (the oldest and most natural method) and if the mother has been grass fed and free ranged the meat is a pale pink with satiny white fat having no tinge of red. It is extremely tender and delicate meat, highly prized in cooking. You do get ‘grey’ veal but that usually means the poor thing has been fed reconstituted milk and, even worse, hormones. This is not good meat.

So my veal was lovely and pale pink and I made a delicious winter casserole with onion sauce and polenta. Find it in the Recipe Book.

Weekend Tipple


The Weekend Tipple: I don’t drink beer at all anymore, but I do enjoy an occasional craft beer and Saturday afternoon was warm and we were pottering around the garden so I treated myself to Darling Brew Slow Brew. Slow Brew is the flagship beer of Darling Brew and it’s biggest seller. It taste crisp but dry and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.





So whats new on the Farm? Well, it’s not that new because we have been working on it for a few     months but the front garden has been transformed into a veggie and herb garden. Out with the lawn and in with food. The plants that survived the drought and neglect, like the roses, agapanthus and some fynbos got to stay, we just planted around them. It really makes sense to have the kitchen garden right up at the house. And I have a box – Yay! That’s planted full of lettuces, coriander and rocket, dill & celery.



Seasons Harvest: Harvesting lovely kale and mustard. Super healthy food and I will be posting recipes on what to do with kale and mustard greens. The butter lettuce is also ready to have leaves taken for salad. Unfortunately the chickens wrecked  most of the fennel and radish beds, but we saved a bit. We’ve had good rain in the last 2 weeks, so roll on spring and get the growing on!

Sad news: Lesleys Health Shop, a Knysna institution closed down and this week a Sale In Execution Notice was published in the Knysna-Plett Herald. The auction is on 11 September. Yet another owner run shop closes down in Knysna, another shop standing empty – the sad reality of irresponsible town management that has allowed to many malls to be built, with only the Big Corporate being able to afford the rent and offer debt shopping to the public.



Good News: The Ross Taylor Surf Competition raised a total of R152,451.00 for Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice. Amazing what community spirit can do.





Stay warm, eat well and love always.

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