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fig conserve

Rheenendal Produce Swop – Best Retail Therapy Ever!

I attended my first produce swop this afternoon. A few members of the community decided to stop trying to plan it and just do it – so there we were today, outside the Portland Mini Mark, with our vegies, fruit, yoghurt, honey, eggs etc. displayed on the back of Brett Garvies’ bakkie, negotiating trades.

For example, I took a few kilos of our Golden Delicious apples, some packets of sundried Oyster mushrooms and a few jars of Fig Conserve. I didn’t swop it all out – the apples were all snapped up though (When was the last time anyone ate a totally pesticide free apple?). I came home with cialis : generiques homemade linguini pasta, a jar of local raw honey, two 80% pure chocolate brownies, a small bunch of spinach and 2 jars of homemade yoghurt.

A monetary value is placed on each product and you negotiate a fair trade of your produce for produce that you want. No cash. But you must return glass bottles to the producer, fair enough, jam jars have become stupidly expensive!

And best of all – I now know the names of two people that I have been greeting at the store for the last two years, I met two people for the first time and had the time to really catch up with friends who I seldom see, even though we live in the same community.

A big Thank You to Debbie Henley and Brett Garvie for getting us together – may this be the start of wonderful times, great local food and bringing a community together.

The Rheenendal community produce swop happens every Wednesday afternoon from 4 – 5 o’clock. Cash sales permitted to non-producers after the main trading.