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About Abundance

My name is Lauren Reynders and I am very blessed to live on a farm in a small community called Rheenendal, 9kl from Knysna on the aptly named Garden Route, in a district called Eden. Sounds blissful yet all who live here are just as affected by the current financial challenges, social ills and environmental changes that are taking place all over this beautiful earth – maybe in some cases more so.
Our farm is in area that was once covered with thousand year old afromontane forests full of Yellowood, Ironwood, Stinkwood and elephants. “An inexhaustible supply of wood” was how an early settler to the area described the forests, along with the many fresh water rivers and lagoon, it must have indeed seemed like an Eden. Well the forest wood was exhausted, the rivers and lagoons no longer run as fast or as deep and certainly are no longer clean and over the last 15 years the sleepy town of Knysnas’ population has exploded.

In this digital information age that we live in we are constantly bombarded with real time events happening all over the world of the disasters wrecked by climate change, the general mismanagement of our finite resources and the wars fought over oil and water.
Because we live in a Marketing driven world we are asked daily to choose freerange; organic; single source of origin; fair trade; to recycle; to re-use;…the list is endless and daunting, yet so often the choice inevitably lands up being the most affordable.
Daily we see the small businesses in out town closing there doors (and the big corporates move in) , our friends loose their homes and farms and we all cope with the stress of having to put food on the table and keeping the lights on and the car running despite mounting food prices, utilities bills and petrol prices.

Overwhelming, certainly. So often an easier way to deal with all of this is to max out the credit card, tap into the access bond – shrug our shoulders and shop, go on a ill-afforded family holiday ‘to get away from it all’ and try to turn a blind eye while moaning about the ‘current state’ around a braai with friends.
Because, where does one start??

I believe we start at home, with our immediate families and community and with every little decision we make. It is time to sweat the small stuff.
Most of us are only one or two generations away from a time when people canned, baked, preserved, made do, swopped produce, purchased locally, re-used and recycled because that’s just the way it was. The knowledge is still there.
Over the course of the next year I would like to share with you some of our journey to support our local food producers, to live sustainably, to eat well, laugh a lot, to learn and pass on information and to create bonds of friensdhip within our community.


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